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Sewer & Drain Maintenance

Sewer and drain problems can happen at any time and can cause serious property damage. Trust the professional staff at People Plus Industries to repair and maintain your sewer and drain systems, and to give you peace of mind of a job well done. We offer a full range of services to ensure your systems are clean and sanitary, and you and your employees are safe.

Our Services Include:

Water Jet Cleaning for High Use Drains

Routine Drain Maintenance

Inspection to Ensure Sewers are Clean and Sanitary.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning of Floor Drains, Downspout Drains, Storm Drains, Sewer Drains, and More.

Bacteria and Enzyme Treatments For Grease Build-Up, Or Grease Trap Maintenance

Sewer and storm line repairs




Sanitary and Storm Maintenance Programs

Irrigation System Installation and Repairs



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